Labor & Employment

Concrete and practical solutions for all your employment law issues

What we can do for you

Excellent understanding

Labor and employment law is critical, complex and everchanging. We have assisted many international companies and provided advice on a large range of labor and employment law topics. For instance, regarding global compliance, global restructurings/reorganizations, global mobility, co-determination law and litigation.

Transforming your business
There are many factors, amongst others changing (tax) legislation, strategy shifts, operational cost increases and leadership changes, that may result in a need or desire for companies to transform their business. From a labor and employment law perspective business transformations present both opportunities, for example the opportunity to re-design the workforce model, but also significant risks. We can assess your workforce model, determine the legal obligations with regard to your employees, assist with discussions with any employee representative bodies and/or other third parties and address arising issues in real time.

Fast and strategic approach
We combine an excellent understanding of labor and employment law with many years of experience and a practical approach. Thanks to our ability to translate legal issues into practical solutions and strategies we have developed a strategic partnership with many companies.

Comprehensive solutions

Labor and employment law issues may entail multidisciplinary and multi-jurisdictional aspects (applicable law, work permits, social security, pensions, policies, etc.). Our strategic alliance with EY Tax enables us to approach your labor and employment law issues in a comprehensive way; not just from a legal perspective, but also from a financial and tax perspective. In addition, we are part of the EY Law network, which gives you access to a global network of over 2,300 lawyers in 86 countries.